Prindi see leht


Our history

The EMÜ Veterinary Clinic is an old and respected institution – the oldest of its kind in Estonia.

The clinic can be considered to be founded on 1 October 1848, when the first patient -- a yearling colt owned by a member of the von Knorring family.—was admitted to the clinic located next door to the University of Tartu’s main building. The diagnosis: was a tear in a flexor tendon in one of the horse’s hind legs. It is noted on the patient’s history that the injury was treatable. The clinic was off to a successful start.

The clinic subsequently operated out of a purpose-built veterinary clinic building on Narva maantee, completed in 1888. Over time, the buildings in the city centre proved too small for the clinic and in 1992 it moved to the edge of town, on Kreutzwaldi tänav. Separate facilities were built for large animals and small animals.

In 2004, both the large-animal clinic and the small-animal clinic were expanded and modernized.