Prindi see leht


Updates on treatment options and course of treatment

Before any animal is treated, the animal owner’s general information and consent form is filled out, which provides the animal owner with the following information:

  • the name of the attending veterinarian
  • the patient’s condition and primary health problems
  • recommended tests and tests scheduled to be performed, possible adverse effects and consequences of the tests
  • estimated price of service
  • recommendations for care and treatment at home

The animal owner will be asked to sign the form to indicate that he or she has been informed and obliges to pay for the service in cash or by payment card.

Financing options

Estonia has a number of insurance companies that will insure pets and farm animals. If your animal is insured and all the insurance conditions are met, your policy may cover the costs of treatment.
Insurance options available for large and small animals:

The EMÜ Veterinary Clinic accepts cash and payment cards.
The Small-animal Clinic will not issue invoices for payment via transfer and does not accept cash during night-time hours.

University students at the clinic

Veterinary students intern at the clinic. To ensure that they get the best possible education, we involve the students – under the supervision of a veterinarian – as observers in the diagnostic process and veterinary care as well as in some of the simpler procedures.

Animal protection at the EMÜ Veterinary Clinic

We consider the well-being of the animals treated at the EMÜ Veterinary Clinic paramount, and we adhere to the requirements of the Estonian Animal Protection Act.
For more information on the principles of animal protection, visit the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals at