Prindi see leht


Making an appointment

  • Our clinic provides veterinary care for pets around the clock.
  • Appointments can be scheduled over the telephone (+372) 7 313 224, (+372) 5033878
  • We staff a night-duty veterinarian outside office hours for emergencies and first aid.
  • We do not make house calls for pets.

Depending on what ails your pet, the clinic’s receptionist will find a suitable veterinarian and appointment slot. You will be told the approximate cost of the appointment, but the exact price will be determined during the appointment as it depends on potential tests, specialist consultation, price of medicines, need to hospitalize the pet, accessories and so on.

The day of the appointment

The receptionist or veterinarian will provide information about any special requirements (such as not feeding an animal before the procedure or operation). If you have been referred to us by another clinic, please bring the animal’s vaccination and health records, results of any tests done, and the letter from the referring veterinarian.

Our house rules are that pet owners generally do not pass farther than the reception area; the veterinarian performs the procedures aided by assistants and interns.

To avoid incidents in the reception area, dogs must be kept leashed and cats and small rodents must be in cages. If necessary, a muzzle should be used.

The veterinarian reserves the right to refuse to treat animals that lack a rabies vaccination or are aggressive.