Prindi see leht


Veterinary care for pets

At EMÜ Small-animal Clinic, treatment is provided by generalists and specialists (veterinary cardiologist, surgeon, orthopaedist, optometrist, gastroenterologist, dentist, neurologist). In addition the Clinic employs a physical therapist. We work closely with colleagues in Estonia and other countries to achieve the best result.

The EMÜ Small-animal Clinic has at its disposal an inpatient suite for dogs and cats, allowing 24h monitoring during treatment and tests. We provide inpatient animals with a separate, cage of an ample size, a special diet (liquid therapy, force-feeding, fasting, special diet etc), exercise and special care and grooming.

If you would like to visit animals that are confined to the inpatient suite for long periods, arrangements can be made with the attending veterinarian. Communication between the small-animal clinic and the pet owner mainly takes place by telephone.


The clinic also practices preventive medicine. We provide regular veterinary checkups and vaccinations, provide consultation in matters related to parasites, diet and nutrition, exercise and reproduction, and devote attention to breeding- and age-related particularities.

Tagging and travel

Microchips are now the standard for pet identification. The chip contains a unique number linked to the pet that, in case the animal is lost and found, can be used to locate the owner’s information from a database. A microchip is also required when travelling with a pet.

Requirements for travelling with pets