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About the Equine Clinic

The EMÜ Large-animal Clinic is fully equipped to offer high-quality veterinary and animal hospital services to horses. We have 17 stalls in the interior of our building to accommodate equine patients. The equine clinic also has a full-size riding hall where lameness can be diagnosed regardless of the weather, and where physical therapy can be administered.

We can diagnose equine colic, respiratory illnesses, lameness, diseases needing surgical intervention, and much more. The same building houses a laboratory, allowing blood tests to be conducted efficiently. Diagnostic methods include ultrasound, videoendoscopy and radiology. If necessary, we can admit an animal to the clinic for observation or treatment and ensure the care the animal needs.

Horse owners can call the clinic during operating hours to check on the condition of the animal. The clinic also has an outdoor corral to provide the horses the exercise they need. We closely attend to equine dietary needs to support healing and recovery.

Veterinary students intern at the clinic. To ensure the best possible education, we involve the students, under the supervision of a veterinarian, as observers in diagnostics and veterinary care as well as some of the simpler procedures.